[Can you eat onions during menstruation]

[Can you eat onions during menstruation]

Women’s requirements for diet and rest during menstruation are relatively high.

Many menstrual foods are allowed, such as mango.

Mango has a hemostatic function, so it cannot be eaten during menstruation.

Fruits and watermelon cool fruits are also best not to eat.

Onions are used as a vegetable or as a topping for cooking.

Many people still prefer to eat, but can I eat onions during menstruation?

The effect and role of onion Onion is almost the most common and common vegetable, and has a variety of health benefits.

Recent medical research shows that the efficacy of onions is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1.

Onion has the effect of diffusing wind chills because onion bulbs and leaves contain an oily volatile substance called sulfide naphthalene, which has a simple spicy taste. This substance can resist cold, resist influenza viruses, and has antibacterial and sterilizing effects; 2.

Onions are nutritious and spicy.

It can stimulate the secretion of the stomach, intestines and digestive glands, increase appetite, promote digestion, and eliminate abnormalities of onions. Its essential oil contains a mixture of sulfur compounds that can reduce oral administration. It can be used to treat indigestion, loss of appetite, and stoppage of food; 3.

Onion is the only prostaglandin A known to date.

Prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity, which can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood vessels and increase blood flow in coronary arteries, and prevent thrombosis.

3. It can counteract the effects of catecholamines and other pressure-increasing substances in the human body, and can also promote the excretion of sodium salts, thereby reducing blood pressure. Regular consumption can have health effects on patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; 4.

5. Onion has a certain refreshing effect, it can help cells make better use of glucose, at the same time reduce blood sugar, and supply brain cells with thermal energy, it is a dietary vegetable for diabetic and conscious patients;

Onion contains a substance known as Quercus Flavescens 9, which is one of the most effective natural anti-cancer substances currently known. It can prevent the biochemical mechanism in the body from mutating, control the growth of tumors, and thus have anti-cancer effects.Anti-cancer effect; 6.

The trace element selenium contained in onion is a strong antioxidant, which can eliminate free radicals in the body, enhance cell vitality and metabolic capacity, and has anti-cancer and anti-aging effects; 7.

Onion also contains a certain amount of calcium, which is reorganized. Swiss scientists have found that eating onions can increase bone density and cause osteoporosis; 8.

Onions contain phytobacteria such as allicin, so they have a strong bactericidal ability.

Chewing raw onions can prevent a cold.

Therefore, women can eat onions during the holiday, and moderate amounts will not affect menstruation.

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