[How to make home-made noodles]_Home-made things for home-made noodles

[How to make home-made noodles]_Home-made things for home-made noodles

The busy life has made many people sloppy in their diet and casually deal with their three meals a day. As everyone knows, this can easily lead to a sub-healthy state. In fact, the practice of homemade oily noodles is simple and delicious. It is worthwhile.The recommendation is often violated, so you can eat it often.

1. Put a spoonful of salt in the flour to make it a bit harder than the dumpling noodles, simmer for an hour, and knead two or three times in the middle.

2, then roll the dough into small pasta, and then roll into long strips.

3. After rolling, put it in a flat pan, and apply a little oil in the middle of each piece to prevent sticking.

4. Then cover with plastic wrap for about two hours.

5. After the noodles are finished, take out a noodle, and hold the noodles in both hands to face each other.

6, the length of the noodles is determined according to their hobbies.

7. Put one in the pot and cook for about one minute after cooking.

8. Put the shallot segments and minced garlic in a bowl, then put salt, soy sauce, vinegar, just chicken essence.

9. Add the fried green sprouts.

10, put the cooked noodles in the bowl too cold, put chili noodles, crushed sesame and pepper on top, and then put hot vegetables.

11, put the rapeseed oil from the wok, put the onion ginger, pepper aniseed, and remove after fragrant.

12, and finally splash on the pepper and pepper.

Did the MMs learn this recipe?

Home-made noodles are a food that everyone praises, and you can cook them all year round. Pay attention to the ingredients must be fresh and make you want to eat them every day.

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