[How to make fried ice cream]_How to make_How to make

[How to make fried ice cream]_How to make_How to make

Ice cream is an indispensable food for cooling in summer. Whether you stay at home or stroll outside, holding a piece of ice cream in hand can cool down and make your mood better.

The traditional ice cream is made in the ice cream machine. Now there is a brand new way to make ice cream: fried ice cream.

Frying is heating, and ice cream is cold. So how to make fried ice cream?

Fried ice cream is a gourmet made with ice cream, eggs, raw dry powder, and oil as the main ingredients. It has the characteristics of hot and crispy appearance, the cool taste and golden color on the inside, and the heat on the inside and cold on the outside.

The basic material is 1 piece of briquette, 8 pieces of eggs, 2 eggs, 2 dry meals, 25 grams of bread flour, 70 grams of clear oil, and 500 grams of oil.

1. Ice cream is best to replace big brands like ‘Nestle’ and Lu Xue ‘, etc. Of course, you can replace the conventional ones. The taste of ice cream is up to you, and it is best to replace the easy cut in shape.Otherwise, an additional process is needed to put the ice cream in the ice cube box and reshape it.

In the first practice, the ice bricks are cut in pairs and then cut and grown.

5 cm, 2 cm wide strips; break the eggs into mash for later use.

Wrap the ice bricks into spring rolls one by one with wafer paper, glue them with egg liquid at the joints, pat dry powder on the surface, drag them into the egg liquid, and then dipped in bread flour.

(3) The oil pan is heated to 40% heat, deep-fried in ice cream, deep-fried until the surface is golden, and immediately placed in a pot and served on the table (the operation should be fast to prevent the ice brick from melting).

Method two: Use an ice cream spoon (required, cheap in the One Dollar Store) to dig out an ice cream ball.

Whisk an egg on the plate, put some sugar and some cream.

Roll the ice cream ball inside.

At this point, you have two options: A.

Wrap the ice cream balls tightly with a slice of white bread.

(Press the ice hockey with both hands tightly, don’t push too hard)

Alternatively, use fried powder instead of bread slices and roll the ice cream balls into the fried powder to make the balls full of flour.

Ice put the ice cream balls back into the freezer.

⒌ When you are waiting for guests, take the ice cream ball, put the pan, don’t save fuel.

It’s best to use palm oil with French fries.

Fry until yellow.

Place on the plate.

⒍ Make some embellishments, put some fruit pieces on the side of the plate, pour a circle of chocolate sauce, put a small umbrella on the fried ball, and the whole thing will come to life. After the ice cream is shaped, top with the egg whites, and thenJust pour the lighted brandy on.

The key to making is to beat the egg whites. When you beat the egg whites, you can add tart powder or lemon juice, vinegar and other acidic substances to neutralize the alkalinity of the eggs to ensure that the eggs are more finely foamed.to make.

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