[Men can master this trick and be cool for a lifetime]

[Men can master this trick and be “cool” for a lifetime]

If a man works hard on the bed, he can not only satisfy his self-esteem, but also use the bed to conquer his beloved woman.

But the “kung fu” you know is obviously too little, so let the editors teach you a few tricks!

First, the foreplay must be easy to play. The men in the sensitive area must not ignore the foreplay, and the foreplay must be easy to play.

You can use your hands and mouth, slowly from your hips to your neck and behind your ears.

Then pat her tibia and kiss her affectionately.

Second, try new tricks. Chinese-style men are synonymous with stuffiness. His sex, like a glass of wine, needs to be tasted slowly.

You can make a woman lie on the bed, sprinkle red wine or honey on her body, and slowly lick with her mouth, it will definitely make her mad.


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