[How to fry miscellaneous sauce]_How to make_How to make

[How to fry miscellaneous sauce]_How to make_How to make

When making fried mixed sauce, many people will use sweet noodle sauce or soy sauce according to their own taste. Due to different sauces, the fried mixed sauce is also different in taste. If you like meat, you can add moreThe meat is inside, which will be more fragrant and taste better.

The stir-fried miso sauce is simple to make and has its own unique flavor. Sometimes a bowl of fried miso sauce completely contains the taste of home.

Chinese style fried sauce 1.

First buy a bag of dry yellow sauce (a small bag is enough, if it is two people) 2.

Go home and pour the dried soy sauce (depending on how much you eat) into a bowl.

Then slowly mix with water (raw water is sufficient) 3.

Cut the meat into small dices (preferably a little fat, more fragrant).

Chopped shallots and set aside.


Heat the oil pan and pour the oil.

How much depends on your preferences.

Of course not too little, otherwise stick to the pan 5.

When the oil is hot, add the diced meat and simmer for a while.


When the diced meat 8 is mature, pour the prepared sauce into the pot.

The fire at this time should be adjusted to a small fire 7.

Slowly boil the sauce on a low fire and stir constantly with a spatula to avoid sticking the pan.

At the same time, add the right amount of water depending on the thickness of the sauce.


Pour the chopped shallots into the pot, beat two eggs (half a bag of dry yellow sauce is more suitable for two eggs), add to the sauce, and stir with a spatula.


Turn off the heat when the sauce is scented, and the color becomes bright yellow. Turn the sauce out of the pan.

(The longer you cook the sauce, the better, because you can force the oil out of the yellow sauce) 10.

If you ca n’t eat the sauce (boil it), put it in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, and eat it next time.

Note: Do not put salt when cooking sauce!

Because the sauce itself is salty.

One of the noodle sauces is egg sauce and meat sauce, depending on which sauce you like.

How to make egg sauce: Stir the eggs one at a time, chopped green onion, ginger, diced pepper, oil, and miso; stir-fry the oil in the wok and stir-fry for several times.can.

The practice of meat sauce: diced meat (beef, etc.), minced green onion, ginger, diced pepper, oil, miso; open the wok with oil and stir fry for a few times, add the miso, and fry for another 2-3 minutes.Just out.
To add: the sauce uses sweet noodle sauce (some people also like dry yellow sauce), the fried sauce should be about 30 minutes!

The 2 sauce noodles are made with meat sauce.

Meat: Pork 7 refined 3 fat (with or without skin), sauce: “must” use “sweet noodle sauce”.

Method: put oil (multiple), knead meat 8, 9 mature, put sauce, keep stirring in the meantime, wait for sauce 6, 7 mature, add water (depending on the amount of sauce) and continue to stir, when the sauce is bubbling, it is basically cookedAlready.

Turn off the heat and set the green onion (if you start to put it on, it’s already pasted, let alone the scent of onion). Put the sauce as soon as the meat changes color.

The fire is easy to put the pot (the bottom of the pot), and when the sauce is cooked, put the green onion, stir until there is no green onion, turn off the heat, and bring the pot to a boil.

The 3 (supplemented on 1 and 2) yellow sauce and sweet noodle sauce should be mixed together, about half, so that it has the salty taste of yellow sauce, but it will not have its sauce smell.More oil.

The meat should be fat, lean and thin, chop separately, cut the fat into small pieces, the size of the chopstick head, the lean meat is smaller, but do not cut into minced meat.

Fatty first, then lean.

When frying the sauce, be sure to fry until the sauce and oil are separated from each other, so that there will be fatty oil and lean dry meat.

In addition, it takes a little longer to boil, not just to heat the pot, and you can put some diced potatoes and use potato starch to improve the flavor of the meat!

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